• Confused :(

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    5 months ago

    Now being a vegan, I am still in the process of learning how I should act as a vegan. This might sound dumb, but I was wondering…

    Can I still eat animal crackers?

    I always loved the frosted ones, and I always had the habit of biting their heads off first. Am I a bad person?

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  • Profile photo of LittleLotte

    4 months ago

    Some products with frosting aren’t vegan as the frosting can contain gelatine (for example, frosted Poptarts aren’t vegan because of the frosting, but unfrosted ones are usually fine).

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  • Profile photo of msvinat

    5 months ago

    Yes silly:) you can still eat animal crackers if they aren’t baked with dairy or eggs.

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  • Profile photo of nekoboy

    5 months ago

    Dear obvious troll, you can still be a vegan and eat animal crackers as long as they contain no eggs or dairy. This is like saying you’re a cannibal for eating gingerbread men.

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