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    Over a year ago

    “I watched that SeaWorld movie with the orcas getting away from their moms. That movie was called “Blackfish.” It made me really upset. It made my mom cry,” Cash says in the video. “SeaWorld are catching orcas from the ocean and they’re saying ‘Woo hoo!’ but that’s the wrong thing to say.”

    Now, Cash wants to try an “experiment.” He’s asking everyone everywhere to NOT go to SeaWorld on December 22nd, his 6th birthday. “Do not go to SeaWorld!” he exclaims. “We need to show those guys.”

    Check out the full video for all of Cash’s impassioned comments about the marine park.

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @alexblue

    Thank you for sharing this adorable video. Maybe it’s time for things to change, and to teach our kids kindness and compassion for future generations. 🙂

    Your friend,

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  • Profile photo of LittleLotte

    Over a year ago

    That’s a great idea (asking people not to go somewhere on your birthday), and I hope it really makes a difference. Brilliant kid!

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