• Cover Girl Doesn't Test On Animals??

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    Over a year ago

    I have several questions, all of them are about which products test on animals.
    1) Cover has claimed to not test on animals anymore. Is this true?
    2) Does Rimmel London test on animals/are they owned by a company that test on animals??
    3) I have made a list of products that do and do not test on animals. would you mine taking a look and seeing if Ive made a mistake? :) Ive done some pretty thorough research about each one (I know, alot of time) and am planing about making a blog called something like “Drugstore vegan beauty” (The name needs work) I would hate to go around saying something like Rimmel london doesnt test on animals if they do!
    Companies that do not test on animals (found at shoppers drugmart/most places in canada)
    -Bare Escentuals
    -Bonnebell (Lip Smakers)
    -Cover FX
    -Fusion Beauty
    -Gosh Cosmetics
    -Lise Watier
    -Natural Beauty (Im not sure about this one)
    -Physicans Formula
    -Rapid Lash
    -Stila (Im not sure about this one)

    Companies that *do* test on animals
    -Dasani (I think they have a lipbalm, I just know shoppers list dasani in there makeup products :$
    -Estee Lauder
    -Lancome (L’oreal)

    As Ive said, these are all drugstore cosmetics!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill likly be editing the poop outa this post, so please check it often! Ill comment each time I do, so is the # of comments goes up, please check!! :) Thanks.

    (Ps im not asking you to research each one. If you know for sure I am wrong though, please please please tell me!!!!!!!!!!)

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    Over a year ago

    I don’t believe that Cover still tests in animals but I could be wrong. Thanks so much for the list. I never knew that Lo’Real tests on animals. Now I am going to stop buying their products, and demand a change!

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  • Profile photo of ErzsebetBathory

    Over a year ago

    OMG! Thank you for the list! Unfortunately I don’t buy a lot of drug store cosmetic, but honestly it’s really practical!

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