• Cruelty Free Makeup Recommendations

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    Over a year ago

    Hey everyone! About six months ago I went totally cruelty free, I no longer purchase products from any company that tests on animals, nor do I purchase from companies who’s parent company tests. I was wondering if you guys could recommend a CF mascara similar to Clump Crusher, obviously I can no longer use that mascara, but it was my absolute fave and I’m having a hard time finding one I like as much. Also can you recommend a high coverage foundation? And feel free to list any other of your fave CF makeup! :)

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    9 months ago

    Go to Raindance Cosmetics! It’s my FAVE company! They have every cosmetic you can think of and they are all natural!
    They have a pretty much CF mascara it’s called Bella Mari. Here is the link!

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  • Profile photo of cberry

    9 months ago

    Not quite makeup, but for style I’ve become obsessed with Jamberry nails (–not just because they’re vegan (I mean, most nail adhesives are I think) but because there’s an online studio where you can design your own wraps. Umm…did someone say AR themed nail art? It’s an awesome way to spread the vegan message

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  • Profile photo of piercethevania00

    10 months ago

    I have like a very sensitive skin like you have no idea and i love wearing make-up. I use the Butterfly Effect mascara and this liquid eyliner in which i forgot what it was called. I could use some like recommendations on make up that is not tested on animals and is sensitive skin safe.

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  • Profile photo of tiggerandsam

    11 months ago

    Nyx was actually just bought by L’oreal so they are no longer CF, also urban decay is owned by a parent company who tests as is Bare Minerals. I don’t know what your policy is for animal testing but I don’t support companies owned by parent companies who are CF so sadly my options are super limited :( I do love ELF though! Such an affordable and great brand! Lorac is a great alternative for the urban decay eyeshadows. I also love the brand essence super cheap and a lot of the products are great! Of coursr no one does brows like anastsia, I am a HUGE fan of the brow wiz. Too faced is another great brand! But also on the pricier side. Wet n’ Wild is another good option, as is Jordana. I also LOVE Jocie Maran.

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  • Profile photo of DeziiRay

    11 months ago

    NYX is mostly vegan products you can always look at their online list to see what is and isn’t I know its not too many product and e.l.f is all vegan make up but not brushes and both products by the way are super affordable!

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