• Dean Farm Trust

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    11 months ago

    Dean Farm Trust was founded in October 2008 and is run from a quiet rural location in the Forest Of Dean in South West England.
    Dean Farm Trust was created to provide sanctuary for ill-treated, neglected and unwanted animals. Dean Farm Trust is proactive in educating people of the facts involving the use of animals for entertainment, pets, food, products and sport.
    Please visit their site; http://deanfarmtrust.org.uk/

    P.S. They will having a stall at this year’s Bristol Vegfest on 23rd, 24th and 25th May 2014.

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    11 months ago


    Dean Farm Trust looks like they’re doing wonderful things for animals! Sounds like they will be the stall to visit at Bristol Vegfest!

    -Ava from peta2

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All animal emergencies (injured, stray, neglected, abused, etc) should be reported to our Emergency Response Team, not posted on the Boards.

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