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    Over a year ago

    What should I say when people say things like this?
    1.) PETA is always preaching about animal rights and animal cruelty but the founder of PETA doesn’t believe that people should have pets so the organization was caught euthanizing cats. That doesn’t sound very “animal friendly” to me.
    2.) Most vegans and vegetarians hate PETA. Their last 2 presidents saw them as a business and not a charity, so they started a lot of hypocritical programs. Their current president is barely a vegetarian. He’s been seen wearing leather gloves and he uses cattle derived insulin
    3.) PETA is the co-sponsor of 90% of the breed specific legislation that states have adopted, in which pit bulls are euthanized simply for being pit bulls, the minute they hit the shelter. An organization sets the standard for MOST of the people involved with it. I commend people for being intellegent enough to set thier own standard, but sadly, most people just follow the buyline of the company.

    Help me 🙁

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