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    Over a year ago

    I thought that in my school students did not have to dissect animals but while I was talking with my biology teacher I discovered that I was wrong!! When you are a senior in my school you get to choose your own science like advanced biology, chemistry or physics . I am in 10th grade but I already know that I want to be in chemistry. The problem here is that in chemistry class each student must dissect a dead pig. I already tried talking with the teacher to see if I can have an alternative that does not involve killing innocent creatures but he got mad and said no because he can’t give “special treatment” to some students! I was thinking of speaking with the school director because this year the theme of the school is “love and protect nature” and I thought it would be perfect for my argument but on the other hand I am still in 10th grade and I am afraid that they won’t take me seriously because that is a class that you take when you are senior.
    What do you think? Should I wait until next year?

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @kumikumivegan18,

    You might live in a state that requires your school, by law, to give you an alternative to dissection. You can look that up here:

    Even if you don’t live in one of those lucky states, you shouldn’t be forced to go against your beliefs by dissecting an innocent creature…ESPECIALLY when humane, non-animal methods exist. Check out the rest of our Cut Out Dissection campaign and e-mail us at for more info. We’d love to send you free materials to get started! 🙂

    ~Sara from peta2

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    Over a year ago

    No I would not wait. I would bring this subject forward so that they can see what can and should be done. If you wait it will only take time for discussion on this matter.
    Bring it forward so that they can speak about it with your parents as well as other parents, teachers and such.
    It is a matter that needs to be confronted and not a matter to which time can be wasted.
    Your force is to be heard, don’t be afraid to speak out when you know the matter should be taken differently.

    I wish you the best of luck, do what your heart tells you. Speak out on this matter.

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