• Dissection on Schools!

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    Over a year ago

    I thought that in my school students did not have to dissect animals but while I was talking with my biology teacher I discovered that I was wrong!! When you are a senior in my school you get to choose your own science like advanced biology, chemistry or physics . I am in 10th grade but I already know that I want to be in chemistry. The problem here is that in chemistry class each student must dissect a dead pig. I already tried talking with the teacher to see if I can have an alternative that does not involve killing innocent creatures but he got mad and said no because he can’t give “special treatment” to some students! I was thinking of speaking with the school director because this year the theme of the school is “love and protect nature” and I thought it would be perfect for my argument but on the other hand I am still in 10th grade and I am afraid that they won’t take me seriously because that is a class that you take when you are senior.
    What do you think? Should I wait until next year?

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