• diwali is scary for animals in india .

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    Over a year ago

    peeps in india ! diwali is just around the corner , its know as the festival of lights , but to some its the festival of torture. on diwali people carry out heinous deeds , they tie crackers to the tails of several dogs and watch the dogs running away (the dogs think the cracker is chasing them ) and laugh . they also put crackers (unlit ) in the dogs anus and then burn it . this diwali be extra careful and make sure to be on the lookout for any act of cruelty ! also take care of your pets because the loud sound of crackers spooks most dogs . try also putting up posters in your societies to help spread awareness about these issues 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    Yes, we need serious guidelines to prevent animals getting harassed and those who do it should be remanded. I still remember a friend of mine telling (7-8 years ago) that his friend tied an atom bomb (don’t worry, not nuclear one) around the time of Deepaavali to a puppy and the puppy was blasted into pieces. Unfortunately, they enjoy doing such nuisances and spreading those ideas.

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