• Do some people really think this way?

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    Over a year ago

    I am confused as to how some people can think I am cruel to animals just for the looks of my beloved cat Simon.
    See, last year around Christmas my beloved cat Simon went missing. I put up signs asking if anyone had seen him and also asked my very odd neighbors if they had seen him in their yard. To no luck I was sad that I could not locate him.
    Two weeks after his disappearance my grand father said he had seen him though Simon did not look right. I asked him what he meant by that and he said that it seemed as though something was in his eyes.

    Well another week goes by as I search for my cat whom now I thought was injured and I was correct, I located my beloved pet but after taking him to the vet his left eye could not be saved after something had kicked him in the face.
    After many vet visits he has had some teeth removed which had been broken and cracked from the thrust of the kick he had received from some cruel person. His jaw had healed wrong after having had been broken in the time I could not locate him.
    He has many problems with his nose now, smelling things is limited and so is his sight in his only eye but none the less I love my cat.

    Anyway what has brought me to this discussion is that my sister who I am currently feeding her animals for since she does not have the sense to do so herself, anyway she has decided to take it upon herself to tell me that my cat is suffering and that I should put him to sleep.
    Mindless she is I tell you, he is not suffering, he has monthly vet visits to make sure he is still perfectly healthy, he has a diet of wet and dry cat foods, has a lovely warm cat bed and is not over weight nor skinny.
    How can I be a cruel person? Why would she even suggest that I put him down when he has nothing wrong with him? The vet has given him a clear list of health!

    Please comment on how you feel on this matter.

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    Over a year ago

    Sounds like you should seriously consider disregarding everything your sister says.
    Very sorry that happened to Simon. Glad the injuries aren’t still causing him pain.
    Do you keep him indoors now?

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