• Does anyone else feel this way? Please give me your opinions.

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    Over a year ago

    When I ate meat (I was fifteen, roughly five years ago), I was curious about the meat industry so I started watching videos on peta. I watched a lot of the videos, and became vegetarian immediately after seeing these videos. I also watched videos and read Free The Animals (about ALF, amazing book btw), and then became cruelty free in everything that I bought. So basically, I’ve seen and read a lot about animals..

    I find now that watching any kind of video or anything, make me quiver and I absolutely cannot watch it no matter how hard I try. Does anyone else feel like this, or is it just me?
    Is this wrong of me?

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    Over a year ago

    I’m the same way. I can’t even watch gory movies anymore, something that NEVER fazed me. I think it’s just something that happens when you choose to be vegetarian/vegan for ethical reasons.

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    Over a year ago

    I suppose I’m strange. I watch them, without flinching, without crying, but on the inside… The thing about it is, instead of crying or anything when I’m sad or in pain or scared, I freeze up. That’s what happens during the videos. I hurt so bad, and I’m practically paralyzed by my pain and anguish. Anyone else like that?

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  • Profile photo of suzeii

    Over a year ago

    I CANNOT and WILL NOT watch any of those videos. I feel so much pain and anguish when I do. I was vegetarian for 7 years and been vegan for two months now. (Im going to be 20) I never watched a video about being veg, I just decided that I could not hurt animals at the age of 12.

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    Over a year ago

    im the same as @FAR i can watch these videos without flinching ect. because i know that i dont support this .

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  • Profile photo of FAR

    Over a year ago

    It is the opposite for me I can watch any video and not flinch or even think much about it they don’t bother me all. I could watch it all day basically. I am vegetarian though because I know it is wrong what happens to the animals etc. Though I’ve also watched real videos of people being murdered those still get to me and leave me paranoid for days afterwards ick.

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