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    Over a year ago

    A few weeks ago I took the opportunity to transfer from being a cashier to working in pets at Walmart. Why? One reason was to try to save fish from early deaths and try to see if I could give them better lives. The second was to prevent the fish from ending up in homes where people have no idea how to care for them. The third reason is to try to document the abuse the fish suffer as a result of being exploited in Walmart.

    Since I have started, I have been taking pictures of the conditions of the fishes. The fishes come from the hatchery ill, the bettas come in tiny bags with less than a square inch of water only to be moved to tiny cups where they will wait to be bought or to die of ammonia poisoning and disease from their own filth. I have tried to switch the water in the cups as often as possible, but only work part-time. The fish are overstocked, crammed into tanks. The first week working there, I noticed the tanks didn’t even have filters. I have complained to corporate and sent emails to PETA in the past.

    I wanted to know if there was a way to get Walmart to stop selling fishes as pets. The majority of people who wish to purchase them want to stick them in a bowl or don’t realize that fish can’t swim in untreated tap water or believe keeping bettas with aggressive fish like tiger barbs is a good idea. One woman inquired if she could keep the betta in the tiny cup it comes with. Most of these fish will not make it to good homes and it is distressing to watch and scoop out 30 dead fish a day as a result of stress and disease.

    Is there anything I can do with the pictures? Also, only two people who are close friends of mine know I have been doing this at Walmart.

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