• Earth Worm Dissection-HELP

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    Over a year ago

    I am a grade 10 taking academic science, and we are currently in the midst of biology. Which is fine, except tomorrow we are doing dissection. It will be a two day assignment, day one will be the outside of the worm, day two the inside. I may go for day one, but i full on refuse to go day two. I know its “just a worm” “not an animal” etc, however to me I feel I am still supporting the industry of dissection, and I just cant bring myself to do it. I know their are many online dissections, and was wondering what one you recomend, if any? I dont want to jepordize my mark, as it’s already low enough. (I tend to fail quizzes, pass tests and excell on labs. However if i dont do well on this lab, all my marks will be low for biology) I am really stressing over this, and would like to hear your opinions.

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