• Egg question!!

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    Over a year ago

    I have wanted chickens for forever! I just found a chicken coop big enough for 15 chickens that I have enough money for, and I only want like 6. I have done soo much research and know how to taker care of them, I was just wondering your opinion on eating their eggs. I don’t eat eggs because of the cruelty, and I don’t have a problem with eating eggs they lay naturally in a nice coop..they are also going to be freeranged if that matters..

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    Over a year ago

    I personally wouldn’t, because I’m vegan and the whole idea of eating an egg just disgusts me, but if I had chicken companions who laid eggs then I wouldn’t mind if non-vegan friends and family ate them (although I’d give them away for free so it was clear no exploitation was going on).

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    Over a year ago


    That means absolutely nothing Dars.
    It’s just botany and zoology sharing a word.
    A chicken’s egg is extremely similar to a human’s menstrual waste.
    A plant’s fruit is extremely dissimilar to a human ovary.

    For starters (in case your imagination isn’t functioning properly), when was the last time you saw a human drop an ovary on the ground for animals to eat, and then proceed to grow a new one?
    Additionally, humans are designed to eat fruit (even more so than vegetables), so even if a human were to somehow find fruit repulsive, they would be foolish to avoid eating it.

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    Over a year ago

    To those who are saying ‘eggs are chicken periods!’ I will remind you that fruits are plant ovaries.

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    Over a year ago

    I think chickens are so adorable! It’s up to you, but most people that I know of just avoid eggs because of the cruelty, but it sounds like yours will be in great hands :)

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    Over a year ago

    if you eat allot of eggs, then you will need at least 10 chickens this is what peta2 told me. “If you keep rescued chickens as companions and don’t breed or sell them or their eggs, and you can personally ensure the birds’ welfare, then you are not hurting the chickens by eating the eggs that the birds lay naturally. However, it would greatly help other chickens if the eggs were given to people who would otherwise consume eggs from factory-farmed birds.”
    Take it from a chicken expert!

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