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    Over a year ago

    So I was reading through the Elephants Don’t Forget campaign and I have a couple questions.
    1: Do all circuses train their animals like this??
    2: If so, are there not “guidelines” set for training methods?
    3: If there are “guidelines” why are they not being enforced??

    I’ve always loved the circus ever since I was little and I knew there were some where the animals weren’t treated right, but I assumed the problem had been/was being taken care of. Is there no way for circuses to still use animals but in a humane way?

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    Over a year ago

    Thank you, annie-I. I’ll be sure to spread the word 🙂

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    Over a year ago


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    Over a year ago

    Hi @hippiegirlkay,

    Unfortunately, all animals used by the circus suffer and are deprived of everything that’s natural to them. 🙁

    Joel Parrott, executive director of the Oakland Zoo, testified before Congress that training “can be severe, using techniques that include prolonged hitting by the elephant trainer with clubs, stabbing with the point of the ankus, pitchforks, electricity, electric prods, prolonged chaining, and food deprivation.”

    Trainers have been documented hitting tigers in the face with ax handles, shoving ax handles down lions’ throats, dragging leopards across the ground by chains around their necks, and depriving animals of food in order to force them to perform. Elephant babies, ripped from their mothers’ sides, perform under threat of punishment night after night, eyes always riveted on the person with the metal hook or the whip.

    Please tell everyone you know to only attend animal-free circuses!

    ~Annie from peta2.

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