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    Over a year ago

    The only facebook games I really play are WeTopia and Joy Kingdom which are both created and run by Sojo Studios (

    They use most of the money they get through advertisers and people who play that use real money in the game (though you can play for completely free!) to give to different organizations and things.

    In WeTopia they send it to different organizations that help children. While in Joy Kingdom they send it to different organizations that help animals! In Joy Kingdom they give you the option of 2 different organizations every month (or so!) So far they have been between Defenders of Wildlife, The Gentle Barn, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Farm Sanctuary, Best Friends Animal Society, The Humane Society of the United States, African Wildlife Foundation, Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation, and World Wildlife Fund.

    The game itself is okay. You plant and pick crops to feed to your animals and collect joy from the animals and send the joy to the organization of your choice you also can collect mana from other plants and have to fight off shadow creatures etc. You do basically need other people that play the game to be friends. I know a lot of facebook friends you know in real life won’t play but a lot of people who play Joy Kingdom are willing to add you as a facebook friend including me. So if you are interested in playing don’t be afraid to ask me! 🙂

    Joy Kingdom’s facebook page:
    The actual Joy Kingdom game app:

    I just figured I would post it here as I know a lot of people on here love free ways to help animals from home.

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