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    Over a year ago

    Some of you may have heard of farida khan. She is a girl who started a youtube channel of her using extreme spurring and whips and bits on horses, purposefully to hurt them, calling it “rough riding”, apparently a fetish of hers which is now becoming a trend. I am extremely concerned for this. People have tried to stop it, sign petitions and locate her. So far people are saying she lives in India or Nepal. She has these videos on her facebook. Her original youtube channel got banned, but she made a new one under a fake name. She has said things like: “I don’t like horses, I just enjoy beating them until they bleed”
    “I like controlling them in this way”
    “It’s beautiful”
    “This is the best way to control a horse”

    And on her facebook: “its only for women and girls and men are not allowed to ride in my riding club”

    “oh yes it definitely hurts them a lot and I enjoy seeing them suffering for my pleasure. Whipping and kicking is the best thing I like when I am astride it gives me a nice feel and its such a wonderful feeling to control such a beast”

    “Oral don’t even think about it. Ask him how he feels about each whacks its really painful to him”

    Someone else: “Can you explain why are hitting this horse? Does that make you feel better hitting a horse or your legs don’t work? Do you think a horse needs to be hit in order to go forward? I don’t use whips or spurs and I have no problem my horses moving forward. You are screwed up on her head. I am removing you from my friends list.”
    Farida again:
    “@Kate. Thank and I love to ride them pretty hard and love kicking in the flank quite hard and whip as much as hard possible.”

    “yes you are not in drivers seat come ride without whipping them they will not even make you ride them”

    This is her new youtube channel under her fake name:

    I don’t know exactly how people plan to make this petition stop her, though. Apparently, there are no animal welfare agencies in Nepal. This has to be stopped. What do we do?

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