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    Over a year ago

    Has anyone else, after being vegan/vegetarian for awhile grown to really not like fake meats? I used to go nuts for boca crumbles and tofurky slices, but now, I’m just meh, I would rather have seitan/tofu/mushrooms/whatever. Like I bought a package of the roast beef style tofurky slices and they kinda freak me out and leave a weird taste in my mouth that I cannot get rid of for anything =/

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    Over a year ago

    Same here. I used to LOVE vegan hot dogs. Now they taste so weird to me. Not bad… just odd.
    I do still really like the original vegan boca burgers. And I still get the faux deli meats when they’re on sale, just because they make a fast easy snack, but it’s generally the last thing I eat

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    Over a year ago

    I kinda drifted away from them because the cost-to-nutrition ratio was low.
    That’s changing now though and I may start buying them again soon.

    Side note:
    Flawless meat & dairy substitutes are the solution.
    Most people are unwilling (or unable) to give up animal products simply because many of their absolute favorite foods (foods that bring them a great deal of joy) are made using meat & dairy products.
    If flawless substitutes are produced (substitutes that taste the same, have the same texture and have similar cost & nutritional value), these people will be completely willing to switch over.
    Because of this, I feel a bit guilty when I don’t buy the substitutes.
    The more these substitutes are purchased, the better the development progress will be and the sooner there will be flawless substitutes.

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  • Profile photo of peppermintcherry

    Over a year ago

    @teatowls I don;t see it as something I need to be healthy, opposite really. I just liked having them around because for instance, with the tofurky slices, I could make sandwiches and take to work. Taking leftovers doesn’t work because we don;t really get breaks, just the chance to eat a little here and there in the mornings before we open. And then other faux meats come in handy for when I get off and I’m too tired to cook.

    I’m glad to see though that I’m not the only one this has happened to haha

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  • Profile photo of keepTHEfaith

    Over a year ago

    Yep. I really don’t like buying processed vegan things anymore, maybe because I’m so used to eating fresh fruits and veggies ?

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  • Profile photo of hannahrox1234

    Over a year ago

    I grew up with veggie meats. My mom is veg and I became veg when I was four. So veggie meats are just something I’m used to.

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