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    Over a year ago

    I’ve only got 2 mint/choc treats that I like. Veganized Thin Mint cookies, but only straight out of the freezer. I don’t remember how I started eating them frozen as a kid, but that’s the only way I like them ever since.
    Also from kidhood, if we were reeeeally good (so, like twice a year), Mom would buy us Mint Meltaway bars or Andes Candies Mint Parfaits, the kind that were bright green outside and choc inside, or Frango Mint Chocolates. They melted fast in your mouth and weren’t over-minty.
    I’ve found a couple recipes for veganizing them so I might give them a try.
    But I’m not promising to be good. 😉

    Vegan Andes Mints from Cara at Fork and Beans
    Vegan Chocolate Mint Truffles – aka Frangos from Tessa the Domestic Diva

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    Over a year ago

    Now I love choccy, and I like mint, but I really don’t like them together. I will only ever eat mint chocs (vegan ones of course) if I’m desperate for some choccy and that’s all there is.

    I’m more of a choccy-orange person 🙂

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