• Feb.27th...Battle for the Elephants!

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    Tune in and turn on!
    Wed. Feb.27th on PBS: New National Geographic Special “Battle for the Elephants”
    “If the current situation remains the status quo, we are facing the very real possibility that elephants living in the wild will go extinct in the coming decades,” said John Heminway, writer, producer and director of “Battle for the Elephants.” “In Africa, wildlife conservationists, particularly in Kenya, are risking their lives to protect these animals, but they are losing the fight. The market for smuggled ivory is too lucrative for poachers to resist, and our research suggests demand for ivory in China is only going to rise.”
    “There’s no more important and timely story of the plight of wildlife than ‘Battle for the Elephants,’” said Beth Hoppe, chief programming executive and general manager of general audience programming at PBS. “How we regulate the sale of ivory can potentially determine whether wild elephants live or become extinct. This is a critical piece of documentary journalism that will hopefully help raise significant awareness of the issue for people throughout the world.”

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    Elephants Never Forget
    Juliette Speaks
    Performing Animal Welfare Society
    The Elephant Sanctuary
    Born Free USA
    Animal Defenders International
    In Defense of Animals Elephant Protection Campaign
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