• Feb.28...A Compassionate National Chocolate Soufflé Day :)

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    Over a year ago

    Traditional soufflés are a chicken and cow’s worst nightmare…
    Egg yolky base combined with whipped egg whites.
    Butter. Maybe milk or cream. Sometimes cheese.
    High fat, high calories.
    They should be outlawed.
    Chickens and cows should be hugged instead, and we can celebrate with Vegan Soufflés…yay!

    Chocolate Souffle
    From Rachel at Vanilla Sugar
    150g chocolate chips, divided into 100g + 50g
    100ml non-dairy milk, divided into 1 tbsp and ‘the rest’
    90g flour
    1 tbsp cornflour
    1 block silken tofu
    1 tbsp lemon juice
    2 tsp vanilla extract
    1 tbsp oil + enough to grease your ramekins
    2/3 cup cocoa
    1 cup sugar
    2 tsp zanthum gum
    1 tsp baking powder
    3/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda

    The Chickens will thank you!…Chocolate Souffle
    According to the Rules of the Interwebs, you shouldn’t post someone else’s entire recipe, only part of it with a link to the rest, unless you’ve changed the recipe up bigtime.

    And the cows will love you too!
    Individual Vegan Chocolate Soufflé from CeCeJay at Genius Cafe
    Vegan Chocolate Espresso Souffles from Colynn at but yes…i do eat potatoes
    Chocolate Souffle with Coconut Whipped Cream from Dimitra at VegLite
    Vegan Frozen Chocolate Soufflé from Vegetarian Times
    Hot Chocolate Souffle from R Starr at The Vegan Chronicle

    Un-chocolatey versions…
    Vegan Souffle from Dee at I Cook Vegan Food
    Squash Soufflé from Colleen at VegWeb
    Tomato and Cheez Souffle from April at Epicurean Vegan
    Vegan Spinach Souffle from Sunne at Plant-Based People
    Arugula and Cheese Souffle from R Starr at The Vegan Chronicle

    Who was the last animal you hugged? 🙂

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