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    Over a year ago

    Found this on BBC news, just thought I;d post it here because you never know what weird pets some people have managed to acquire 😀

    London Zoo is appealing to fish keepers to try to find a mate for a critically endangered, tropical species. The Mangarahara cichlid is extinct in the wild but the three in captivity are all male.
    There are two males in captivity at London Zoo and another in Berlin. There had been a female in captivity at the German zoo but attempts to breed ended in disaster when the male killed her.
    Having carried out a search with other aquariums around the world and failed to find a mate for their bachelor boys, the team at ZSL are now hoping that someone may have a female in a private collection.

    London Zoo is asking anyone with information about female cichlids to email the team at fishappeal@zsl.org

    Thanks guys…. If you happen to have, or know someone who has, one of these ugly fish (and my god they are ugly :D) PLEASE contact the email above… Or repost this everywhere and anywhere to try and find someone! I know its a slim chance but we have to try :)

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    I am proud to be weird! My pride and joy is Popsicle, my precious baby, a Blue-tongued Skink. (Sub-species: Irian Jaya) Popsicle and I spend hours together each day, I take him outside and around the house! He goes to the bathroom outside, (potty-trained, whooo!) and explores as he pleases. I let him on my head and in my bed, I do not fear Salmonella and kiss him liberally. He recognizes me, and whenever I drop my hand into his tank he crawls on for an adventure! I also love my kitty and dog, but Popsicle is my most devoted animal companion! :)

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