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    Over a year ago

    I didn’t really get to hug many people, but my friends :'[
    Who took the “I hugged a vegetarian today” stickers off when we went out in public.
    However, me and my friend did watch… “Earthlings” for the day

    If anyone hasn’t seen the movie
    I must say.. I never normally watch those peta videos because they’re too much..
    Yet my friend asked me to watch it with her because she had said she tried before by herself but just couldn’t do it. So I agreed because I enjoy watching animal rights and other certain documentaries even if some parts are difficult because in the end I end up more educated about the issues and facts of things like the food industry, the meat industry, animal cruelty, health, etc.
    I’ve seen Food Inc. , and Forks over Knives, however this was the saddest, worst, and most emotional documentary (actually out of anything I’ve ever watched) I have ever seen.

    The whole thing was horrific. Every minute , every second…
    And me and my friend cried the whole way through. We watched it in the common room of our building dorm. And people walked in and were like OMG why are you watching this how could you watch this. What’s wrong with you its a friday! Go out.

    Yet, this was how we wanted to spend our Friday, not because we wanted to cry or be depressed or watch animals go through the worst things imaginable . We watched because although it was heart breaking documentary it was also educational. I learned and heard good arguments and facts. The movie touched me, and has given me a motivation and determination so powerful.

    I would recommend this film, only to understand and be able to relay the information and pain animals endure. By empathy, you feel and understand not by sympathy. This movie does that.
    Just make sure you are prepared with tissues!

    An interesting thing:
    Since we watched it in our common room a variety of people came in and out, none of which really understood us, or the documentary let alone the animals. They all were disturbed and left after seconds of one scene . Which in turn proved part of the movie, at the end. When the narrator says how people don’t want to be told the truth.

    “So, if there is any truth to the age-old saying, “What goes around, comes around”, then what do they get for their pain?”

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