• For those of you who would like to sign more animal petitions

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    Over a year ago

    There is a website that has tons of animal petitions that i think you guys should definitely sign! Please go to
    There are tons of them because the sad fact is that animals get mistreated every second of every day! Also please share those petitions to family & friends& if you have FB , share it there too. Thankyou.
    Also if you love Big cats like lions & tigers, then you should definately sign up for newsletter from
    There are a lot of animal rights campaign out there for you to sign up to recieve newsletter from them along with petitions. Im just going to name a few here:
    -In Defense of Animals
    -Physicians comitte for Responcible Medicine
    -National Anti-vivisection Society
    -Alley Cat Allies
    – Animal Defenders International
    -Farm Sanctuary
    There are tons more i could just think of these for now & i am signed up to recieve their emails.

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