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    Over a year ago

    Okay, so at the beginning of the school year my mom wanted me to the an animal Science class. So, that was alright, up until a month ago. A month ago we were talking about chickens, so to show us whatever, we were raising chickens in the greenhouse. That wasn’t too bad, up until two weeks ago, the teacher told us that we are raising them to feed to the seniors in FFA. That still wasn’t horrible, I can’t chose what other people eat. Granted I was pretty upset that I raised two of them. Then a week ago an oh s**t moment happened, not only did we raise them to eat, we are going slaughter them. We HAVE to! Either that or we FAILED the class! So today, he showed us what we are doing, I wanted to puke. He cut off the head of the chicken right in front of us, and gutted the poor chicken. We are supposed to do it ourselves on Thursday. I’m freaking out, what should I do?! I’m switching out at semester, but I need to keep my GPA up. Please please please help!

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