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    Over a year ago

    I know someone who is friends with a girl that has rescued a kitten who is in need of very expensive skin-graph surgery. She is in the process of organizing some events to help raise money.

    Reading this story completely broke my heart, and I want to do everything I can to help her. I wanted to reach out to you in hopes that some of you may have some ideas on what I can do. Any contacts? Good fundraiser ideas? Anyone to ask to donate?

    Anything at this point would be a huge help.

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    Over a year ago

    Just any of your typical local fundraisers. Bake sale, selling old stuff, lemonade stand, car wash, selling shirts or bracelets, asking for donations. (Also a hint if you do any type of bake sale etc. It is normally best to ask for donations instead of putting specific prices people are tend to be more generous and you raise more money that way)

    You could try creating a facebook page or something or asking for donations online. Though there are already a lot of pages like that and its hard to get noticed. You would have to basically be really close to the kitten and be able to update people on it’s status and tons of pictures of it and its progess too to usually make any sort of impact.

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