• Gardein products?

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    Over a year ago

    So I was a finalist in gardein’s facebook contest and won a free month’s supply of gardein products! (12 free product coupons) Thanks for anyone who voted for me on here!

    Thing is I have never even had any gardein products even though I have been meaning to try them for a long time it is just I normally have a freezer shelf already full of morning star, boca and my other veg*n products. So for those of you who have had gardein which products would you suggest I try first? As I know from other brands of mock meat their products can be rather hit or miss!

    I don’t know what products the stores are going to have at the time but when I look on the website I am thinking about first trying like

    bbq skewers
    beefless burger
    beefless sliders
    meatless meatballs
    chick’n patty
    breakfast patties
    turk’y cutlet
    crispy chick’n filets
    barbecue wings

    haha well named a few more than I meant too (but that is only 9 and I can get 12 anyhow but I could get duplicates) there is a few more I’d think about trying. So any opinions on the ones I listed or do you think I should try one of their products I didn’t list? (but note I like my foods pretty plain)

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    Over a year ago

    Jealous…we used to have gardein products in England, but for some reason they stopped. Their meatballs and steaks were lovely…:(

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    Over a year ago

    The mandarin orange crispy chick’n along with the seven grain crispy tenders are great. Their beef less burgers are also fantastic !! The only thing I’d watch out for are the sauces that come along with the food, (I’m not sure if you eat honey of not) but I know at least one of them contains honey, even though the package was marked vegan. Anyways, congrats on winning, their products are great ! ūüėÄ

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