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    Over a year ago

    I’ve had my eye on them for years and finally just bought some the other day.
    I’m still only vegetarian but I still love trying and buying veganized foods because I like supporting the companies and ideas etc.

    I bought 2 Cleo’s (vegan Reese’s), 1 Snap (vegan Crunch), 1 Thumb’s Up (vegan Butterfinger), 1 Twilight (vegan Milky Way), and 1 Buccaneer (vegan 3 Musketeers). The only one’s I didn’t buy were Jokerz (vegan Snickers) and Mahalo (vegan Almond Joy). I bought them from Pangea (

    I already ate them all. I shared bits of some of them with my mom and sister but ate most of them myself haha. They are a bit pricey. Over all I thought they were pretty decent. Compared to the real things the rice chocolate tastes somewhat like a cheaper milk chocolate (though I’m sure if you have been vegan for a long time they would probably taste better with the lack of comparison to the real things). I loved that the Cleo’s had actual creamy peanut butter in them unlike the gritty stuff in Reese’s.

    I might order some more eventually we’ll see. Anyone else ever have their candy bars?

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