• Going vegan

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    Over a year ago

    So i wanna go vegan…I feel its gonna be almost imposible because my family always eat meat. We always eat food from fast food restaurants, everyday 3 times a day. I know i can get rid of everything except red meat. But i feel so guilty that i keep eating animal…Help?!

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    Over a year ago


    I agree with Lotte! Also, try lots of salads. Fast-food salads are amazing, just be sure there is no cheese. 🙂 Also, look online for vegan salad dressing! You can pack a little in a container and have your mom carry it in her purse. I hope you have a good time going vegan!

    <3 SaveTilikum

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    Over a year ago

    Many fast food places serve vegetarian and vegan options!
    Check out these pages:

    If your family are too busy to cook, then why not offer to do the cooking a few times a week? Say you’re willing to plan, prepare and serve their meals as long as they’re happy to eat vegetarian (you can get some amazing fake meats, they might not even realise they’re eating vegetarian food!).

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