• Good news about sparrows!

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    Over a year ago

    The population of sparrows was declined from the time mobile-phone revolution was began in India and we all believed they would extinct. Fortunately, since last 1-2 years, their population is increasing slowly.

    According to one of my teachers, sparrows live only in the places with some sufficient disturbance. So they build their nests only in the houses and not in the forests. Although they never built a nest in my home, they used to come inside to eat the banana chips pieces dropped by our customers while eating sample and chirping. It’s been years since I saw them doing it.

    So now there are at-least 6-7 different mobile networks in the small towns. Nevertheless, the population of sparrows has been increasing appreciably. So what could be the reason for the fall in their population? Could it be natural cycle? Do they migrate for years?

    One more observation: There’s a temple in my town and the sparrows re-appeared there first, after disappearing for some span of time.

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