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    Over a year ago

    Recently I went to Arkansas with my family to visit my cousins. I had to leave my dog because she is a large dog and shouldnt have to live in the big city (atlanta). it was best for her to stay in the country with plenty room to run. thou i was extremely sad i knew it was best for her (my dad had it planed without telling me -_-).My aunt had a small dioxin that was bullied by their other dog and 7 year old kid and was extremely scared of every thing (I MEAN EVERYTHING). so i got to bring him home because it was best for him. but he isn’t used to city life. he gets freaked out by sirens (you hear them a lot, even thou i live in a nice place), hates his collar (you have to keep it on your dog), and doesn’t know how to walk on a leash.
    he’s 1.5 years old and has been nurtured. Any advice?

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