• Government is putting all stray dogs to sleep in Romania

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    Over a year ago

    Over a week ago, a 4 year old boy who was playing in a park from Bucharest was killed by a stray dog, after his grandmother lost sight of him. The child was found dead on a private property wich was 30 minutes away from the park where the grandmother lost sight of him. It is also assumed that the kid was kidnapped, killed and then thrown to the stray dogs.No one really knows for sure what exactly happened that day, but today the Government voted for the killing of all the stray dogs in Romania[there estimated to be over 40 000 stray dogs only in Bucharest] if they are not adopted within 12 days.The non – profit organisations, including ASPA[the Autority of Superviosion and Protection of Animals] say that the don’t have the money or space to take care of all these dogs.
    Our president, Traian Basescu, said a few days ago that he agrees with the mass killing of the dogs. After his declaration, he received a letter from the Intergrup on the Welfare & Conservation of Animals asking him to stop the systematic slaughter of stray dogs in Romania.
    The official document :
    Here is a referendum where you can vote if you do or do not want all the stray dogs to be killed:
    Da = Yes
    Nu = No
    I hope you will take the time to vote for life.

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    Over a year ago

    I voted… I think…

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