• Guinea Pig Dental Issues?

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    11 months ago

    About two months ago, a family gave me their guinea pig, Merlin, whom they were unable and unwilling to care for any longer. He’s very sweet, but his teeth are in terrible shape: crooked, chipped, broken, and, according to my main veterinarian, possibly abscessed. Unfortunately I have no information regarding his background.

    He was prescribed oral antibiotics to prevent further infection, and I was referred to another animal hospital that specializes in dental care for small mammals.

    However, my mother isn’t very happy with the idea of a dental surgery or extraction or such because of the expenses. You see, my parents have been divorced for a long time, and while we are getting by just fine, we simply don’t have hundreds of dollars to spare, and it’s likely too late to apply for most affordable care plans.

    Is it possible that I could raise money for the work Merlin will have to get done, or is there another way to convince my parents to pitch in?

    Help is appreciated!

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