• Handing out leaflets at school?

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    Over a year ago

    I just printed out the anti UGG’s leaflet and I wanted to hand them out at school. I’m not sure wether to ask my teacher or to just hand them out to people at break. I’m going to ask my friends to help me. I’m also very shy and I’m not sure what I would say to people. If I can’t do it at school where is the next best place I can do this? Thanks 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    I would ask your principle or counselor if it’d be alright to do that. I’m sure it would be, but if for whatever reason it isn’t, try after school, or at a local place you enjoy.. Maybe a cafe or at the mall.
    Hand them out to people you have class with, or maybe set up a stack at the main office or hand them out at lunch! One thing to work on- don’t be shy! Speak up for animals with your loudest voice and most powerful energy 🙂
    I used to be super shy, but now I’m outgoing about it and I make sure anyone talking to be about the subject at least thinks about it after I walk away!!

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