• Happy Vegan Fat-shionistas?

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    Over a year ago

    Has anyone ever accused you of not being vegan because of your weight?
    Have you ever been singled out or mocked by other vegans for it? Or met a fatphobic vegan?
    Have you ever been accused of being an “unhealthy vegan” or just accused of being “unhealthy” based on your weight alone?

    Someone told me today that they only “vegans” they had ever known had made fun of them for being fat. But I can’t imagine a fat-shaming vegan, because veganism is about compassion. So I assume it was a “plant based dieter”, someone who eats like a vegan for weight loss purposes but still uses animal tested products and wears leather and fur. One of those people with a 100$ juicing machine and designer sweat pants.

    But are there honestly (ethical) vegans out there who think fat is by definition unhealthy?
    If so, what could we do about it?

    And last question: What’s the best clothing line or online shop for a Vegan Fatshionista?

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    Over a year ago

    Except if they’re not vegan. 😀

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    Over a year ago

    … Why are most comments assuming here that people who are overweight need to, or even WANT to, lose weight? The fact that we assume everyone who is larger than us must have “oh, they might have tried and they really wanted to lose weight but genetics and metabolism”… what is up with that? This post is originally about being happy with your body – no matter the size. And some people ARE actually happy with their body even if they don’t fit society’s stereotype of healthy and beautiful.

    I’m not overweight by any means, but I don’t really care if I’m in my best physical condition. Absolute pure health is not the key to happiness. I could have the best biceps in the world and it wouldn’t matter if I’m not happy. If I spend too much time worrying about my health, I’ll miss out on what I enjoy in life. I do jog often recently. But constant exercise and health nuttery is the sign of a disorder, one which I once went through when I was younger.

    Being healthy is not necessarily the end goal for humans.
    Corn dogs aren’t evil.

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  • Profile photo of luckystarjenna

    Over a year ago

    @Brosia I don’t think she was saying that fat people should be shamed or that it is necessarily their fault at all! Some people do have to try harder than others to lose weight. It’s a simple fact. Some people cannot lose the weight because of health issues, some people gain weight because of health issues. However, if it is a health issue, then it is obviously not healthy. So whether you are overweight because of a health issue or because of an eating issue, being over weight or obese is not a sign of being healthy. I do not think any of us are pointing fingers or shaking fists at people who are overweight. Sometimes it is their fault, sometimes it is not in their control, but either way excess body weight is not a sign of health…

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  • Profile photo of Brosia

    Over a year ago

    @silencescreams: I find it funny how many people have such strong opinions about another person’s weight. You say that diet and exercise are all it takes to lose weight. This is simply not the case. If a person’s excess weight is caused by over-eating or a sedentary lifestyle, then yes, these things will help. But there are so many other factors that can influence a person’s weight and build. Believe me, for some people it is not a matter of willpower. And even if it were, I don’t believe that it is anyone else’s right to shame or guilt them about their bodies.

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  • Profile photo of silencescreams

    Over a year ago

    Christian Jessen would be shaking his head at the though that people would not shake their heads at the idea that peope would not believe “fat is by definition unhealthy.”

    If you are fat then you are not at your highest fitness level (unhealthy). Being fat does not mean you eat bad foods all the time, but does mean that you could be healthier. For example, I really like my carbs such as breads and potatoes, and though I usually have healthy multigrain breads, if I eat too much of them I notice I am putting on weight. Even if you eat too much of good things it can be bad.

    So anyways…. I would be an ethical vegan out there would would say fat by definition is unhealthy.

    What can you do about it?

    Have everything in moderation and make sure you are burning more calories then you consume. If you are not exercising not eating more then 1500 calories (for a woman.. about 2000 for a man).

    I do believe “Excess body fat is usually a sign of over-consumption.” would be a true statement. A friend of mine is about 89 pounds at 5’3″ at eats whatever the heck she wants when I was a couple pounds less then her at the same height (this was in april… I am currently quite fatter then that 🙁 , but I know it is my fault) I definitely watch my weight and ate a WHOLE LOT less then she did. Some people (like her) have crazy metabolism that burn a lot, it is your responsibility to take into regards how fast you burn calories to maintain a positive weight. We also have to take in mind everyone has a different body type, amount of muscle mass, so will weigh different amount (For example my mom is 5’3″ weighs 110 is has a lot of tummy fat, but 110 for a very muscular individual would not be a bad weight).

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