• Hard finding a vegetarian/vegan date...

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    Over a year ago

    In my area most of the lesbians are Butch steak-eating girls. Not that I don’t like butches, but everyone I have talked to is like “I like a big steak”. I mean I could date a meat-eater, i have in the past, but what happened to the stereotype of a lot of lesbians being vegan?

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    Over a year ago

    i’m a lesbian vegetarian! but im not butch haha. it’s truly hard finding someone who loves animals as much as you. instead of going for vegetarian/vegan lesbians, instead make it an effort to change their opinions on animals, and maybe even change their food habits! if you like a girl, but she isn’t a vegetarian, maybe you should just share your opinion with her about animal cruelty, and it could totally change her for the better.
    best of luck x

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  • Profile photo of piotr1399

    Over a year ago

    I wish we had such stereotypes in Poland, but as far as I’m concerned I’d prefer one refering to asexualists.

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  • Profile photo of amazonbear

    Over a year ago

    I’m a vegan butch lesbian, so we do exist! You’re lucky you even have so many lesbians in your area, I’ve hardly met any where I live.
    If I were you, I wouldn’t mind dating a meat-eater. Especially if she’s an animal-lover (quite a few meat-eaters are animal lovers, actually. They just haven’t learned about the cruelty that goes on in the meat industry), you could probably even try and convince her to go vegetarian/vegan. Don’t push it on her, however, or you’ll just come off as annoying. Just explain to her your reasons for being vegan.
    Also, always keep the option of bi/pan girls open! I’m sure plenty of them are already vegan/vegetarian.

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