• Has anyone ever made fun of you?

    Profile photo of Dani1110

    Over a year ago

    Im really curious. Sometimes people joke around with me and eat meat right in my face or pick on me for being vegan. This isn’t, like, a plea for help or anything. I really dont care. I’ll laugh when they’re in the hospital at 50 because their arteries are clogged and i’m still healthy. But does anyone else do this to you, or is it just because I live in a town where everyone and their mother hunts? *le curious*

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  • Profile photo of Asherlay

    Over a year ago

    Some of my closest friends make fun of what I believe and what I don’t eat. And it really hurts sometimes. It hurts because your friends and family are supposed to love you unconditionally right? Why can’t I just have my own beliefs that are different from everyone else’s? I’m from Toronto, so it’s definitely not because you live in a town where everyone hunts @Dani1110. We all just have to stick together :)

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  • Profile photo of Styna

    Over a year ago

    I came from a town where everyone hunted. Surprisingly, very few people actually messed with me when I went vegan – it was mostly just my family. That could partially be because I was one of those people in high school you didn’t mess with, but I like to think it was just people being mature… lol. The people who did make fun of me, some close friends and most of my family… They stopped over time, just like most things. Most of my family even started trying my “voodoo food” lol. They’re all a big fan of vegan cupcakes now. 😉
    It’s just like anything else. People make fun of other people because they’re different. It’s wildly immature, but it happens. As you meet new people, they will probably do the same thing. But each person will eventually get used to it and get tired of making fun of it.

    My grandma is really the only person who says anything about it anymore, and even she surprised me when I told her I was going to try -raw- veganism because I heard it will help my fibromyalgia. She said she was supportive of whatever I thought would work… then followed up with a very quiet “but I still think you need meat.” and a smile.
    Even those who are most stubborn will ease into acceptance 😉

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  • Profile photo of Kuri

    Over a year ago

    My friends do that all the time because they are all big meat eaters and don’t understand my dietary choices. Although I did get them to each to go vegetarian for a week, one even did it for two months. :)

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  • Profile photo of KaylaaVee

    Over a year ago

    yessssssssssssssss all the time!! it hurts actually and it makes me upset. -.-

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  • Profile photo of tally

    Over a year ago

    yes, all the time! At first, my Best friend(at the time) and my family where the worst! It’s been almost five years so they’re over it. I get it from stangers to, but people are just scared of what they don”t know; Its easier for them to ignore the problem than accept and live with whats being done to animals.

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  • Laciifiawker

    well i love animal!! lol and i love my friends and family! <3

  • graceanderson51

    I have grown up with 7 brothers and sisters. 4 brothers, 3 sisters. I was raised eating animal products, and never once was taught to value animals. When I was 13 years old I did some research for myself and found out the horrible truth's behind the meat industry. Continued my research to this day on concerning topics. Im now an animal activists and have been teaching people about these horrors I've discovered and how we as a group can speak up for these creatures whoo can't do it for themselves.

  • lexveggie

    I am a vegetarian! I'm going to make the transition to vegan as soon as I go to college :)

  • kaleysixx18

    my mom died when I was young, I live with my terrible father. and Now I'm a vegetarian.

  • dragonfly95

    I was bullied out of my old school, my only friend was my dog. Now i work with a vet and an animal rescue, ive gone vegetarian, and all i want now is for animals to be treated better.....because i know first hand how cruel and evil humans can be But i wish to find new better friend on here and maybe we can change this world for the better together, so please friend me, and talk to me!

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