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    Over a year ago

    So, long story short, I feel like my health is failing, and for good reason. Since going vegan I have become more tired. I have mysterious injuries with no known cause that either don’t heal or take a months/years to heal (sprained ankle, severely torn rotator cuff in right shoulder, extreme pain in left shoulder possibly due to another tear, etc.). I get extremely bad bloating, gas, and diarrhea (cutting out wheat/gluten seems to help a little). My body aches constantly (especially in the legs) after light exercises. I now have red patches, bumps, and scabs on my skin that won’t heal. I have been reading up on what to eat, etc., yet for the past few months all food seems unappetizing. Is there anything I could possibly be missing in my diet? My bizarre injuries and ailments are costing me my job and friendship. Please point me in the right direction! Thank you!

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    Over a year ago

    I agree with everyone else; go see a doctor. I’ve been vegan for about 5 yrs and my health only improved and so did my energy. I also have a lot less issues, pains, and rarely get sick.

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @StickyMike,

    We can’t give you medical advice, so it’s best if you go see your doctor about this.

    Don’t forget to check out our vegan guide to good nutrition here: 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon!

    ~Annie from peta2.

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    Over a year ago

    I would suggest you see your doctor and get some tests because going vegan shouldn’t cause all of those issues unless you’re not eating anything.

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    Over a year ago

    Meat & dairy products aren’t anything special.
    They contain only a small number of useful nutrients that can easily be obtained elsewhere.
    If you suspect that your change in diet is to blame, simply go over a list of each of the nutrients that can be found in meat & dairy products and determine whether or not you’re still getting each of those nutrients at similar levels.
    Also, keep in mind that, apparently, not all protein is equal.
    Soy protein supposedly contains all of the amino acids that a human needs while protein from other plant sources may not. So you may need to get protein from multiple plant sources in order to get all of the amino acids that can be found in soy alone. So, basically, soy is a convenient way to get complete protein.

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