• Help needed for Ayten - The dog shot and then butchered by a vet

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    Over a year ago

    This is her story:

    Any other place would’ve put her down but not Let’s Adopt, she was nearly paralyzed when she came in but now she’s walking again.

    But it’s not all over yet, she need another operation still. The chip in for that one is at the SECOND one just above the comment section. They need to reach $5000 for Christmas.
    I’ve donated $40 in total- 20 for the first and another 20 now- and I’ve never posted any of their rescues on here but I have for her as we need to finish fixing her then she can go to her forever home at last.

    Please help in anyway you can by donating yourself or sharing it on facebook or twitter even. Lets Adopt do brilliant work and save the lives that others wouldn’t bother helping like this boy for example: No vet where he was found would help him and would rather kill him because THEY didn’t want to deal with it, instead he was flown to Turkey for a SEX CHANGE to save his life and now he’s happy living with his new adopted family.

    Lets make sure Ayten is another happy ending.

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  • Profile photo of teatowls

    Over a year ago

    She’s gone in for her second operation now, lets hope everything foes fine and we’ll see her walk normally soon enough.

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    Over a year ago

    I’m going to donate $30, its all I have right now so hopefully it helps.

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