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    Over a year ago

    So I need to find some vegan products which sounds easy enough BUT I have to use specific types of hair lotion since its difficult to find anything strong enough to somewhat contain my hair. I’m mixed race and have the stereotypical ‘black’ hair even though it’s not black… this means its very frizzy in places and is difficult to remove it (you end up looking like it rained heavilly if you grease it in the morning it’s that bad so instead I cover it before going to bed and it’s decent in the morning) and breaks so easilly that it cannot be washed more than once every three months if that.

    So what I’ve normally used and grew up on are:
    – Luster’s pink original oil moisturiser hair oil lotion (pink bottle and is normally only found in hair shops specific for black people)
    – Treseme shampoo + conditioner and the ocasional frizz control stuff which never actually works

    And there is another one but I can’t remember the name, it’s a green opaque bottle though.

    There’s a little catch though. Where I’m living right now there are no black hair shops at all since its lacking in racial diversity so I have to be able to find it in supermarkets or health shops such as Boots. Plus I live in England so I may not be able to find everything you can possibly think of though I might be able to buy online.

    Many thanks if you can help!

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