• Hemp vs Flaxseed oil and Omega-3s

    Profile photo of Sagojyou

    Over a year ago

    If you’ve tried both, which do you like more? 😀
    And how do you personally get your Omegas?
    I’m allergic to nuts so I get mine from those two oils, and I like the taste of Hemp oil better! X)

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  • Profile photo of Josi

    Over a year ago

    I buy vegetarian omega 3,6 & 9 its great, it has oild like linseed oil and evening primrose etc 🙂

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  • Profile photo of VeganCaramel

    Over a year ago

    Most of the time I don’t get through flaxseed oil but using flaxseed in baking.
    I’d love to have hemp more in my diet, but that will have to wait until I’m financially stable.
    So at the time it’s mostly just o-3 fortified plant milks!

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