• Hermit Crabs vs Cat

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    Over a year ago

    hii 🙂
    my mom recently said I may be able to get a hermit crab, if I take care of it, do all the research, and buy the cage decorations!!!! :):) Im so happy!!! But…I have a cat. What do I do? Tips? My cat is an extreme hunter and attacks everything that moves. Feet feathers birds rabbits beads bobby pins etc…(we keep bobby pins away from him! and we cant find any beads at all, we think he took them outside to play with a long time ago and left them there…) Anyways, any tips? Like, do I keep it up high? Should I keep it in my room? And approx. how many inches wide and deep is an average 10 gallon tank??
    Thanks for the advice 🙂
    ~Anna R

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    Over a year ago

    I’ve had hermit crabs with cats and they really had no interest, but seeing your kitty is a little Rambo I would have to say just have a top on the cage. I would also say keep it in your room, they are pretty quiet except for when they walk next to the glass and make a little tapping noise (Rarely) Your kitty will probably have an interest in it, but if its safe in its cage then it wouldn’t matter. Also, keep it on a sturdy shelf or a desk just within a height so you can reach in to it with no problems. You also need to get a little food tray and feed them fresh veggies or hermit crab food daily, they may not eat it all but if its veggies you need to keep it fresh. Oh and if your kitty ever comes into contact, the worst that could happen would be a little pinch to the nose since they are pretty sturdy animals, but just to be safe keep it in the cage when you arent in supervision. Also, be careful when you hold them because it needs to be able to breath and it will pinch you if you cover the bottom of the shell completely (Just lay your hand flat) For shell choices, get slightly bigger shells because they will need a new shell when they get too big and leave them in the cage untill they use it.
    ~Hope I helped!!!!

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    Over a year ago

    If you lived near an ocean I would say you could release it there, I mean that’s where they were born right so the hermit crab would be at home. . They sell hermit crabs here in W.V so far from the ocean. They are a bunch of them with painted shells couped up together & then in another glass aquarium they have giant hermit crabs.

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    Over a year ago

    I had hermit crabs. To keep them moist I spritzed them every morning. Keep them in a room you can block off from the cat when you can’t monitor him. Like quadgeek56 said they are nocturnal.

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    Over a year ago

    Hey all,

    It’s great that you care about animals! 🙂

    The best thing that you can do to help hermit crabs is not to purchase them! Hermit crabs are gathered in the wild and shipped for sale at pet stores and vacation resort shops. Many of these animals suffer injuries and death from improper care at stores, and from handling and transport. 🙁

    If you already purchased a hermit crab, please make arrangements to release the animal near an ocean or pond in a warm location, such as South Florida. Hermit crabs generally adjust well from life in captivity to life in a beach habitat, which is where they were captured in the first place, since they do not reproduce in captivity. Your hermit crab will certainly be much happier and healthier living with other crabs. 🙂

    ~Annie from peta2.

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    Over a year ago

    well hermit crabs do most their movement at night. so idk if the noise will bother you. but if you have it in a tank with sand and stuff it wouldnt be too bad. if you have a lid on it your cat shouldnt be able to get it. and if your cat sleeps at night then it should be okay. they need lids anyway to keep their humidity up. you should get the two in one humidity and temp gauge. if you have any more questions just ask cuz i have a hermit crab. but hes being reallly picky with what he wants to eat

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