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    Over a year ago

    Hello fellow PETA2 Activists ! I’m from Calgary Alberta, Canada and we were recently hit with an extreme humanitarian crisis. Floods swept away homes and businesses all across the city. But I am very proud to say that our city’s animal humane society has been doing a great job going into the deep waters to rescue many animals who were left in peoples homes while they were at work. hundreds of volunteers helped find these lost animals, and i’m very grateful that many were rescued! We have a calgary zoo, and its literally surrounded by a river and when the floods hit, the zoo was hit pretty hard. But animals were moved to higher ground, and were moved to other locations, and not a single animal had been injured ! =)

    Just wanted to share this experience that the city of Calgary is going through, but are able to recover =)

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    Over a year ago

    We send our love those needing help.

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