• Hoping for Vegan Change in University!

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    Over a year ago

    My student presidential elections are going on right now, and one of the candidates is running off a platform based on bringing cheap, healthy meals to students, including more vegan options (and gluten free options). I’m worried that he might not win because among those running is someone who was Vice-President and has been in the Student Union for a while, plus he is running on a platform which appeals to rich white students, which seems to be at least half the student body. I honestly can’t afford to have an upper-middle class student deciding what’s best for the student body, I can barely afford to attend university even when I receive many scholarships and grants.

    On top of that, our school newspaper has labeled him “the radical” because he has the “radical” notion that women, racialized groups, and disabled people deserve equal representation on campus. (Oh man, that CAHAHARAZY notion that women are people, gosh, what a radical! /sarcasm).

    Extra: Share what your college or university does to stay vegan friendly!

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