• how can i be a vegetarian if my family has meat for dinner/lunch every day?

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    Over a year ago

    i wanna be a vegetarian but my family has meat almost every day and they think it would be unhealthy for me. so what can i do?

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    Over a year ago

    Try to have a mature conversation with your parents to get them to understand and support what you want to do. My parents didn’t agree with me either when I wanted to become a vegetarian, but I assured them that I would take small steps at a time and still include essential foods in my diet that would ensure I stayed healthy, such as eggs and fish. Maybe you can try and compromise the meals they make to fit your dietary adjustments. If your family orders pepperoni pizza, ask them to do half of it vegetable toppings for you. If they cook spaghetti, just ask for a separate pot of spaghetti sauce without the meat in it. Most restaurants also have vegetarian sections in the menu, or have meals that you can just request the meat be left out. And if your family still refuses to make the adjustments, I suggest shopping for separate groceries for yourself and making your own meals! Good luck!

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  • Profile photo of naturegirl

    Over a year ago

    I understand how you feel because I am also in this position.
    Fortunately, my parents respect my views and so make small changes to the meals they are eating in order to satisfy my views but still make me feel part of the family!
    For example:
    Lasange – I would have quorn mince meat instead
    Peperoni Pizza – I would have quorn pepperoni

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  • Profile photo of StickyMike

    Over a year ago

    Don’t eat it. Make your own food. Show them that you can be healthier by not eating meat. Maybe even start exercising daily so they can see an improvement in your physical health. I went vegan years ago and this is what I do. Now my family is trying to eat healthier, but, as they say, “Not as healthy as Mike. I could never do that!”

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  • Profile photo of lucky7amira

    Over a year ago

    Eat whatever the heck you want! No one can force you to eat what you don’t want to (unless they force feed you, but that’s pretty hard to do…) Make your own food, or eat whatever else there is without meat, or take the meat out of the meals (if its easy). No one can tell you what to put in your body. That decision is up to you.

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  • Profile photo of Sagojyou

    Over a year ago

    That’s so funny! I’m the only vegan at my house, so this is nothing. Just saying!
    Just go! Mac ‘n’ cheese is vegetarian, pasta’s vegetarian, etc. There are lots of food that could be vegetarian if you just take out the meat/fish. Why not cook for yourself? It’s really not that hard. Even top ramen is okay as long as you don’t use the nasty flavor packs. Good luck!

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