• How did you find/rescue your animal companion?

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    Over a year ago

    I rescued my cat, Jessie, from running around between cars on a busy street. I put up cat found posters around the city but no one replied so she became mine. This was almost 10 years ago, and she’s been my best friend ever since. So I was curious if any of you have stories of how you’ve found/rescued your animal companions?

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    Over a year ago

    Oh goodness. We rescued the vast majority of our animals!

    Maui (german shepherd collie mix – now deceased) – Her mumma was rescued by the SPCA while pregnant.

    Simba (Orange tabby – now deceased) – SPCA

    Puss ‘n’ Boots (black and white tuxedo cat) – Abandoned in the middle of winter on the property of a friend of the families. Attacked by their two doberman pinschers. Given to me as a christmas present. His ear was bitten off and his face was frost bitten. One of his eyes is now dead and lost all its colour.

    Reign (grey himalayan) – Rescued from Dun Roamin’ animal rescue

    Riley (white floofy kitty) – Rescued from Dun Roamin’ animal rescue – now with another family because he was too scared of our dogs. Sent to a loving all cat home of my friend.

    Sandy (fluffy brown tabby) – The SPCA I volunteered at in HS was too full so she stayed in the cat house and they fed her outside. They said if we wanted to give her a forever home to just take her when we left.

    Cleo (tabby with no tail, deceased) – SPCA

    Abbey (all black, deceased) – SPCA

    Cleo the Second (white, no tail, deceased) – SPCA

    Tan fluffy kitty – I forget her name, I was so young and she was really old we wanted to give her a home for the rest of her days. SPCA

    Moe (calico) – Advertised in the paper that if someone didn’t come and take her from this old couple they were putting her down. She was 10 then and we had her for probably 10 or so years after that! She had kidney failure with no possible cure and she was in so much pain she couldnt move so we put her down. We rescued her int he middle of a snow storm because the vet appointment was the next day!

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    Over a year ago

    We have a bunch of animals! All rescue. The two most interesting ones were a dog and a quail. The dog was found in winter, probably dropped off because he was old. No body came for him and I decided to keep him. And the quail was just a day old when his brothers and sisters were all killed by children playing I rescued him and kept him.

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    Over a year ago

    Got my dog jake from the animal shelter. he was just the cutest (and they said he was fully grown) haha not true, i was walking him a couple weeks ago and a guy thought i was walking a bear and crossed the road to get away haha. when we first got jake he was pretty aggressive towards all of us, he was terrified of men especially ones in baseball caps. we’re pretty sure he was abused, he has a knee problem also. but over the years he has become the best dog you could ask for. he is so friendly now and such a smart dog.

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    Over a year ago

    Neighbor down the street had puppies and we got one and named her Quin, rescued one from a shelter, trixie, and took one off the streets, and named her lucy

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    Over a year ago

    I love hearing all of these awesome stories! I adopted my dog Tinker when I saw her in the local newspaper where they place the animals who are approaching their euthanasia date. I immediately went to meet her and she was just lying on the cold concrete very dirty and very scared of people. Of course I couldn’t leave her there! Now she never leaves my side. Companion animals are THE best!

    <3 Emily from peta2

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