• How do I become vegan when I kinda can't..?

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    Over a year ago

    Okay so i am not gonna try to even do correct grammar so excuse that…. anyway i recently became a vegetarian because one of my idols on youtube linked a bunch of videos about how terrible it is one being If Slaughter Houses Had Glass Walls and watching the videos made me want to stop eating meat and gelatin products but i realized by still consuming dairy products that im still supporting this terrible thing. I’d like to become a vegan but theres a few problems. i realize that there is vegan mil and cheese and meat type products(im new to all this) but they seem to be very expensive and no one in my family is vegan so we would have to buy all separate products fr me and we can barely afford the stuff we already buy..? i cant convert my family, when i told them, my mom got concerned for my health , my dad rolled his eyes, and my brothers laughed.. im the youngest at 14, and no on takes me seriously. i told my brother what gelatin is and he told me ‘you cant believe everything you hear on the internet’. when i explained to him im not lying he still didnt believe me. is there cheap vegan products? what is the vegan “meat”? and cheese? im sorry i talk/type to much but im seriously so pissed that i want to cry because im still supporting it and i dont know a way out.

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    Over a year ago

    Health – find a broad range of sources on vegan nutrition. The bigger scope the better. Try and include scientific research if you can too (you can find journals on google by going on google scholar). Spend a good amount of time researching it and then present it to your mother saying you know exactly what do to and back it up with all the sources. Printing them off and show her might be useful.

    Vegan products – You don’t have to buy vegan products to be vegan. If your family cooks for you then just ask for the non vegan stuff to be taken off. Or insist on cooking your own meals and learn how to cook vegan.

    Vegan on a budget:

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    Over a year ago

    I don’t know how much help this will be but there are ways to make your own milk alternatives without having to buy them which could possibly save you money.
    Make your own almond milk:
    Make your own rice milk:
    Make your own coconut milk:
    im sure there’s more if you look around on the internet 🙂
    Also, I’m not sure what you can do at your age but if you found a job or some other way of earning money, you could buy your own vegan food and show your parents you’re responsible and serious about this. You could also share the videos/information about veganism with your parents. You could try to convince them to stop buying cow milk by showing the facts and videos and to switch to buying an alternative. That way you don’t have to buy separate products for everyone. Good luck 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    Hey @lolibally–congrats on going vegetarian! It’s super easy to go vegan, and much easier than you may think. It’s true that some products are more expensive than others, but lots of cheap, easy to find foods are already vegan–like beans, rice, pasta, veggies, tofu, and more. You can also find cheap vegan meats at grocery stores like Trader Joe’s–and if you live near a Whole Foods, I would urge you just to browse around with your family and see what is doable. 🙂 I’m not sure what state you are in but almost every major grocery chain has a “natural foods” section that will have lots of vegan meat, cheese, and dairy options. Try Safeway, Kroger, Meijer, and even Walmart! Lots of chain food places have vegan options too, like Red Robin, Taco Bell, Chipotle, and waaaaaay more. Have you checked out our Lifestyle section yet? Tons of tips:

    It’s pretty normal, sadly, for families to be a little weird about it when you go vegan–sometimes they’ve never even heard of the word “vegan”! But with your help, they’ll be saving animals in no time. 🙂 I would say the best thing you can do is be informed and share the info that you learn with them. For instance, check out this “How to Talk to Your Parents About Going Vegan” guide:

    Let me know if this helps. 🙂 And no matter what, just remember that you are doing the right thing! We’re here to help. 🙂

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    Over a year ago

    You can go to Sprouts. Most vegan things are around 4 dollars. But also eat more fruits and veggies. I’ve been doing this for 5 years now. But if you just became a vegetarian wait a while before you go vegan. your body has to get used it. Also take vitamins. There’s a lot of vegan vitamins at like whole foods and sprouts. you’ll have to get soy milk or almond milk.

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