• how do you know the ingrediants when eating out?!?!?!

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    Over a year ago

    okay, so I know there are lists of foods at places that are vegetarian and vegan at places to eat out at, restaurants ect, but then there are the places that are not well know, and the times when you eat at someone else’s house, and any relating situation like that. even if you ask whats vegetarian and whats not, how do you really know, there could be beef or chicken broth in the rice or soup, there could be gelatin in the cherry pie, and what if the person your asking about if its veg or not, what is their standard of what is acceptable to a vegetarian are not up to yours, like what if they think its okay for something like fries to be cooked in the same oil that chicken nuggets are, or burgers grilled on the same grills, there could be pieces of meat in your foods that way, I know some are not picky, but for the reason I am veg I am picky. what about when you are over at a new bf’s house for dinner with the parents and you don’t want to grill them on whats in the food and go over ingredients and everything, and most ppl don’t even read ingredients labels, so it would be a bother to ask. what if your in a restaurant and the vegetarian beans, as the waiter told you personally were vegetarian, had been cooked with meat for flavor. and what if you order something at taco bell or someplaces that is supposed to be veg and it ends up with tiny pieces all through out it, I could go on and on about situations like these, im concerned with this bc I seem to be put into situations like this ALL THE TIME, and honestly I don’t know what to say or do about it. In restaurants I opt for the bar food if they offer it so I can get fruits and veggies and not have to worry. and at peoples houses, I usually just don’t eat at all. im so tired of having to do these things. and before you say check the list of whats veg and whats not out at petas site, I am fully aware of this, and I do go by it, its just I usually end up at places that are not on the list, bc of whom im with, like friends going out to eat, ect. can anyone give me some opinions on this and maybe some advice? have you been in situations like these before? if so what did you do, say and how did you deal with it? I appreciate everyone’s comments and am looking forward to reading them.

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    Over a year ago

    A lot of chain restaurants include a list of ingredients for each item from the menu on their website. I’d suggest you start there. You can also ask your server or whoever is taking your order about the ingredients and whether or not they have a separate fryer for the meats and what not.

    I’ve had too many waiters tell me something was vegan only to bring the item to the table for me to see that it wasn’t vegan after all. Unfortunately, most of them didn’t even understand what a vegan is. I mostly avoid restaurants unless if I know for sure that the items I plan to order will be vegan. Calling ahead works, too.

    Others have had different experiences, to each his own! :)

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    Over a year ago

    Research before hand if you can help it because most of the time when I ask the waiter/waitress just doesn’t know especially when some of the food is prepackaged?

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    Over a year ago

    Every place I go to I awkwardly look around on the menu and then ask if they have anything that is vegetarian or ask to get the meat substituted. I go to an amazing thai food restaurant and they will replace all meat with tofu and vegetable broth instead of beef broth. They are really great! Some places are very understanding with vegan and vegetarian places. In my experience it is easier to get veg options with international restaurants. :) Good luck. I used to be paranoid. ALSO google the place before hand if you can, or even call them. Calls are always anonymous and help if you are shy :)

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    Over a year ago

    I’ve been in that situation lots of times and have just learned that it’s my body and my planet and I gotta speak up if I want the best for them. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask in a polite gentle way…”I’m a strict vegan and if you have something that you are 100% sure is vegan, I’d love to try it. Please tell me/show me what’s in it. If not, could I please get a fruit or veggie salad or raw or steamed veggies without dressing?” I do always make sure to carry a snack bar and a little ziploc bag of roasted chickpeas, soynuts, edamame or granola to eat alone or to sprinkle on salads or veggies…gives you some protein and most people get interested in what you’re eating. It’s up to you to be brave and compassionate and try to make the situation work for you. It might seem awkward at first but just try to have a sense of humor about it and it will get easier the more you do it. :)

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