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    Over a year ago

    Someone said this to me about vegetarianism and I didn’t know what to say.

    “I know about all the mass production and the cruel treatment of the animals and it’s very sad, don’t get me wrong, but even if you’re a vegetarian there will still always be many meat eaters, and a lot of the meat that is not purchased just goes to waste, so it’s like an animal is dying for absolutely no reason. So I think it’s best to not let all that meat go to waste. No matter how many people become vegetarians, there will still be MANY people that will, regardless, choose to eat it.”

    ANY IDEAS???

    Thanks! :)

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    Over a year ago

    I think that person is right. even though the slaughter of animals is a horrible act and a gruesome one, I have learned my lesson from what happened to Yellowstone when the wolves all where exterminated. even if Everyone stops eating meat (which will never happen) what would we do with the livestock? Would we just let them go into the wild? that would be a horrible thing to happen. the herbivores, in time, will eventually eat more greens than people. The livestock would die, then the predators, then the people.

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  • Profile photo of Dars

    Over a year ago

    Oh there will always be meat eaters. It’s been a part of our diet globally for thousands of years. More and more vegan food options make a vegan lifestyle more appealing, but just because vegan numbers are growing (if they are) does not mean non-vegan food eating is on the way out. On the contrary, scientists are working on more effective meat-production due to increasing demand and our current models not necessarily sustainable for expanding population.

    Meat eating is alive and well and will continue to be so. Most likely though, the methods of obtaining meat will change to something like meat grown in a test tube once the technology is made cost-effective and more efficient overall. If I had to guess, meat from traditional livestock will potentially one day become more of a delicacy than can be afforded by the rich people who want to eat ‘real’ meat.

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  • Profile photo of FAR

    Over a year ago

    First off how do they know there will ALWAYS be MANY meat eaters? Obviously more and more people are going veg*n everyday. It is called supply and demand each person that stops eating meat makes that much less of a demand for it so they stop producing and supplying that much more meat. So nothing goes to waste, the meat industry wouldn’t let meat go to waste as it would be losing them more money than not producing or supplying it in the first place. Even if the number of meat eaters is slimmed way down the living conditions of the animals and production of the meat would be able to revert more back to the better red barn type scenario instead of the horrific machine like factory farming it is today. Not that killing any animals for any purpose in any way is any more “right” it is still the better of the two alternatives for humans, health, animals, the environment and the future.

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  • Profile photo of LittleLotte

    Over a year ago

    Everyone has already said exactly what I would say!!

    I would also add that people in developing countries are starving due to the meat industry: the food grown to feed animals in factory farms could be used to feed even more people than the meat it produces.

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  • Profile photo of emma1013

    Over a year ago

    Thank you! @hakred @TiffnayTequila @morgansimm @lweske

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