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    Over a year ago

    @MysteryMalice Well, I agree with you to a point. I don’t find flour bombing people to be the most effective or mature way to express your rights. I believe that it is our right to protest lady gaga, and not support her by buying her music, but that is my limit. I don’t condone harassment, that’s over the line. (Also, I think that medically, the benefits and risks of circumcision balance out. I felt that I need to add that; though I am atheists, my family is Jewish, and I respectfully would like to say my piece.)

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    Over a year ago

    Take action here!:

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    Over a year ago

    I disagree because it isn’t right to take the rights of someone else just for your own agenda. She can use fuax alternatives, but chooses not to for some reason.

    Generally speaking if she was living a lifestyle where she wasn’t hurting someone let alone killing a bunch of someone’s I wouldn’t care what she wore. She doesn’t want to be bullied by animal activists, but she is bullying animals to death. How many animals died for her little sick outfits? I say we boycott her music. A killer is not a good role model. It’s not even that it’s someone dying for food, but clothes. She has so many other outfits she can wear. Like MysteryMalice said, we shouldn’t pelt her with stuff because we want peace for the animals. We have to protest peacefully, but efficiently.

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    Over a year ago

    To be honest, I can see both sides. I hate the fur trade, and all that goes with it. But she has a point.
    You can’t force someone not to do something just because you don’t believe with their choices. It’s not your place, everyone has the freedom to live their life their own way.
    Yeah I’ll get backlash for speaking up, with the usual “well how would YOU like it” and “check out this link, thanks :)” but whatever, part of being an adult is looking at an argument with an unbiased attitude.
    I hate fur don’t get me wrong, but just as I wouldn’t want someone running up to me because I’m eating a veggie burger, flour bombing me and harrassing me online with violent threats and spamming me with information because they didn’t agree with vegetarianism or ‘destroying plants is evil’, I’m sure she doesn’t want the same back at her.
    And why? Because it IS childish. I don’t like Kim Kardashian but I wouldn’t throw stuff at her.
    I don’t like a lot of people, I don’t like a lot of peoples beliefs, and don’t agree with what a lot of people do in my day to day life, that doesn’t give me the right to harass them and abuse them.
    Because that is bullying.
    I don’t believe jewish people and muslims should circumcise babies, I think its mutilation and cruel, do I harass them and flour bomb them? No.
    I don’t believe in skinning cows for shoes, my family and friends wear leather, do I flour bomb them and sent them threatening messages and harass them? No.
    My family and friends eat animals, etc etc etc
    Just because someone is a celebrity, it doesn’t give you the right to try and make their life a misery.

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