• How to Flag YouTube Videos for Animal Abuse

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    Over a year ago


    Click the little flag icon (right below the video)
    Click Select a Reason
    Go to Violent or repulsive content
    Click Animal abuse
    Click Submit video for review

    – Save these instructions in a text document if you think you might not remember them.
    – You can flag any video that shows a human hurting or killing an animal (that includes “hunting” videos).
    – If the video is flagged by many people, there’s a greater chance that it will be restricted or removed.
    – Don’t flag undercover videos that show animal abuse footage in order to inform the public, such as PETA’s undercover videos (I probably shouldn’t have to tell you that, huh?)

    Here’s a video you can try it out on.
    The videos shows some guys letting a rabbit out of her cage, killing her with a knife, cutting her open and eating her heart.
    (You don’t have to watch it. Just pause it right when it starts, then flag it.)

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    Over a year ago

    why do people even post those kind of things on youtube :c

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    Over a year ago

    O: WHAT THATS A HORRIBLE VIDEO…. O.o what is wrong with people…

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